"How many points can you get in 5 minutes?"

--Main Menu description.

Blitz Mode is one of the four playable game modes in Bejeweled Twist. It is not available when the player first starts the game. It is unlocked when level 10 in Classic Mode is completed.


Blitz Mode is like a timed version of Classic Mode, but you do not level up. The game gives you five minutes to score as many points as possible. Bomb Gems will appear set to 20 moves that attempt to hinder gameplay. As well as Bomb Gems, Coals, Fruit Gems, and Special Gems can be earned/created.

Gameplay tipsEdit

  • A good score in Blitz Mode requires clever use of Chains and Multipliers.


  • As the game progresses, the glowing energy inside the tube will change it's colour.
    • For the first two minutes, the glowing energy is green.
    • The next minute, it glows yellow.
    • For the last minute, the energy is red and flashes.
  • The "PC_README" document contains two mistakes about Blitz Mode.
    • Firstly, as well as completing level 10 in Classic Mode to unlock Blitz Mode, it says that completing level 10 in Zen Mode will unlock it as well, but this is false.
    • Secondly, it says that Locked Gems can appear in Blitz Mode, but this is false aswell.
  • The music featured in Blitz Mode is the same music that is featured in the Bejeweled Twist trailer.
  • Blitz Mode contains two unique visualizers that are only featured here.
  • In Bejeweled Twist for PC, the Blitz game immediately abandon when you quit, but in Bejeweled Twist for mobile, it is false, Blitz game still saved when you quit. In Bejeweled Twist for mobile, Blitz mode is available when you reach Rank 3.