"Face 13 intriguing challenges to prove you skills!"

--Main Menu discription.

Challenge, also known as Challenge Mode, is one of the four game modes in Bejeweled Twist. It is a Secret Mode that becomes available by earning the rank of Rotator, the third rank in the game.


Challenge mode is composed of a solar system complete with thirteen planets positioned in a circular formation around a large star with a natural satellite positioned in front it. Each planet represents a unique challenge that features seven puzzles, all of which have objectives that focus on a specific gameplay concept. For example, some challenges have puzzles that involve clearing certain types of gems, while other challenges have puzzles that involve clearing gems within a given time limit.

When Challenge mode is played for the first time, only the first challenge and its first puzzle are available. In order to access the other challenges, the first puzzle of the preceding challenge must be completed. Fulfilling this requirement also grants access to the second puzzle of the preceding challenge. When all seven puzzles of a challenge have been completed, a special Eclipse puzzle becomes available for that challenge. This unique puzzle can be attempted and completed as many times as desired.

The reward for completing puzzles in Challenge mode is Skill Stars. The number of Skill Stars awarded depends on the puzzle completed.

Challenges Edit

  1. Detonator
  2. Spectrum
  3. Coal Mine
  4. Chain Reaction
  5. Gem Fall
  6. Preserver
  7. Firestorm
  8. Stratamax
  9. Arsenal
  10. Bonanza
  11. Survivor
  12. Voltage
  13. Enigma

Visit and search challenges to learn each challenges.

Gameplay tipsEdit

  • If you get stuck on one challenge type, move onto the next.
  • When working on multiple detonations, create your exploding Gems then move them to the side away from your "work space" so as not to trigger them ahead of time.


  • According to evidence found in the game files, there used to be a challenge called Locksmith
  • In Bejeweled Twist for PC, the puzzle of some challenge can saved the progress. However, in Bejeweled Twist for mobile, puzzles never saved but immediately abandon when you quit the puzzle. In Bejeweled Twist for mobile, Challenge mode is available when you reach Rank 2, not 3, and you can play other challenges right on options menu, unlike Bejeweled Twist for PC.