Lightning Gems are created when five gems of the same colour are matched in one move. When a Lightning gem is matched, it will destroy all the gems in its column and row. Other flame or lightning gems hit by its blast of electricity will also be ignited, creating a chain reaction. Lightning gems can be created in any mode of play except during the tutorial. They have similar uses as flame gems, but they are more powerful and can be used to cause major chain reactions. With their column-and-row gem-blasitng ability, they should be saved and kept until emergencies. Eight lightning gems in the same row or column has the ability to clear the entire board of gems, making it useful in case there are too many bad gems on board.


These gems appear to be sizzling with electricity, and sometimes, if observed carefully, bolts of electricity may appear from the gem and touch adjacent gems, but strangely, the bolts of electricity retract and do not turn adjacent gems into lightning gems.

Classic ModeEdit

With enough experience, the player should now how to create lightning gems fast and quick. They should be kept until emergencies, in which the player can arrange them along the bottom of the board and ignite them, clearing the whole board of gems and letting the player start anew. The player should be careful with them as when ignited, lightning gems will case mass destruction and erase a lot of hard work the player should have made to set up a better board.

Challenge: VoltageEdit

Similar as how flame gems are related to the challenge planet Firestorm, so as to how lightning gems are related to the challenge planet Voltage. The main aim of the challenge is to destroy a number of lightning gems wihin the allocated time. Lightning gems are slightly more rare to come by, so the challenge is slightly more difficult compared to the challenge Firestorm.

Challenge: Coal mineEdit

Use lightning gems when allowed. In Coal mine challenges that allow lightning gems to be used, place a lightning gem at the corner of the board with a flame gem one square diagonally above it. Fill the first column with coal and surround the flame gem with coal. In that way, more area can be covered and more coal can be destroyed. Ignite the flame gem, which in turn, will trigger the lightning gem and destroy the coals. A SCREENSHOT OF THE SETUP WILL BE COMING SOON.

Challenge: BonanzaEdit

Lightning gems are very useful here, as every lightning gem has the potential to destroy 15 other gems when ignited. Attempt to make as many as possible, and ignite them at the fastest rates possible. They are best used individually, as they have the potential to destroy more gems when used separately.