While you are always able to make non-matching move, each consecutive matching twist adds to a chain. As the chain grows longer, the Chain Meter at the top of the Tube fills up. Each time you fill the meter, the Score Multiplier increments upwards, multiplying all your points by the Multiplier.

A non-matching move breaks the chain and empties the meter to the bottom of the current Multiplier. Another non-matching twist reduces the Multiplier by one. Thus, excessive non-matching move can rapidly deplete the Score Multiplier. On the other hand, once a new Multiplier level has been attained, it is possible to alternate match/non-match move to stay at the same Multiplier level.

When the Score Multiplier is at x10, filling the Chain Meter no longer increases your Multiplier. However, extending the chain fills the Chain Meter up with pulsing rainbow lights. If you fill this rainbow Chain Meter, your Score Multiplier does not increase, but a bolt of energy flies out from the Tube and converts one of your Locked Gems, Bomb Gems into a Fruit Gem (see Fruit Gems). After doing this your Score Multiplier resets to the very bottom of x10 with a single mark in the Chain Meter.

Trivia Edit

  • In Bejeweled Twist for mobile, Chain Meter only have a single color: yellow. When the Chain Meter full while the Multiplier is at x10, the Chain Meter is flashing. When The Chain Meter full while it is flashing, a line of 'Fruit Gem awarded!' running on the top, then a Fruit Gem appear.